Thursday, November 12, 2015

History of Religious Prophets on Barnes and Noble website

History of Religious Prophets is the Topic
If you want an honest assessment of how the modern world came to be corrupt and confusing for humans, the one best source, is my book about the world's seven major religious prophets and how they all used the same 9 techniques to corrupt and confuse the world.

Read The World's Seven Biggest Liars and you will understand why one billion people on earth realize that all religions (not some, but all) make things worse for humans as they encourage the worship of deities, which do not exist.

Based on my documented two years of research into the study of the religious prophets I have composed a theory that describes how these seven (and thousands more) religious prophets have generally used they same 9 techniques to make a claim that they are in communion with the deity and that they are transmitting the deities' desires on how to live and behave. My review of the literature (see the 222 reference footnotes) helped me analyze what has happened to humankind.

The research clearly shows that the prophets are all fakes and frauds. The major prophets, such as Jesus, Muhammad, Moses, and others are probably all nonexistent persons anyway, but in any event, their followers have been misled to the tune of six billion humans fantasizing about an after life and other lies.

Read the book to learn the 9 techniques used by the prophets and see how the thousands of minor prophets stayed "minor" because they didn't use the full 9 of the techniques. Using 6 or 7 techniques gets you into the newspaper, but it doesn't get you half a billion, or one billion, or two billion followers, which is what the major liars did.
My other book, A Vacationer's Guide to Rural New England Bookstores is also available on Bookstore Update (11-19-2015): In the past few weeks, Patti and I have spotted my book about books on the shelf at "Where the Sidewalk Ends" in Chatham and at "Jabberwocky Book Shop" in Newburyport.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

New Memoir Ready for Publisher

New Memoir to be released soon.
With the imminent publishing of my new Memoir I will have finally reached the trifecta of Travel, History, and Memoir. The new book is about those sacred years between the age of eight and 12 when I lived on a farm on the outskirts of Worcester. I didn't realize how impactful life on the farm would be for me in later life. Kids who grow up on a farm, even if it's tucked inside the city limits of the second largest city in New England, learn things; important things.

In the meantime, you can read my other two books: The World's Seven Biggest Liars (Barnes and Noble) and A Vacationer's Guide to Rural New England Bookstores (